Commercial Roof Replacement

Commercial Roof Replacement

Professional Commercial Roofing Services in Cypress, TX

Commercial Roof Replacement
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The exterior of your business should be aesthetically pleasing and, more importantly, effective at protecting the interior of your property. Damage to roofs, siding, and gutters can lead to extensive interior damage and can impact the structural integrity of the building if not properly repaired.

Roof Damage: Repair or Replace

Roofs are generally built to last, but they take a beating from the elements. High winds, hailstorms, torrential rain, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters can wreak havoc on your roof. Fortunately, our experts stand at the ready to assess the damage to your roof and help you make the best decision moving forward, whether that’s to repair the roof or replace it.

One of the biggest questions customers have when their roof is damaged is whether they should repair the roof or replace the roof. There are a number of factors that must be considered to determine what the best course of action is.

Age of the Roof

Roofs have a certain life expectancy that is determined by several things including the roofing material and climate of the building. When determining if you plan to repair or replace your roof, you’ll want to consider where the roof is at in its estimated life expectancy. It might make more sense to repair a brand-new roof or to replace one that only has a few years left in it.

Extent of the Damage

The decision to repair or replace often comes down to how severe the damage is. Some roofs simply cannot be repaired, at least not to a standard that will last an appreciable length of time. Repairing a very small section of roofing is reasonable, but if the roof has severe damage or multiple areas of damage, you’ll likely continue to have problems with it barring a complete replacement.

Climate of the Building

If you live in an area of the country that is already susceptible to damage from natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados, and hail it’s imperative that you repair any roof damage immediately. Damage will only get worse the longer it sits, and the next time a storm comes through you may not have the option to repair anymore.

Insurance Coverage

Many customers want to know if a roof repair or replacement will be covered by their insurance. This is a completely valid concern, and we will work directly with your insurance provider to allow you the best solution regarding your policy.

Aesthetics and Budget

Particularly if the damage is not being covered by insurance, the budget is one of the top considerations for many people when determining if they will have their roof repaired or replaced. This is where aesthetics come into play as well. It can be difficult to make a roof repair, particularly an extensive one, match the rest of the roof. Additionally, when a roof is damaged, it may just be the best time to bite the bullet and make the investment on a new roof. Our experts can help you balance your budget and your needs to find the best solution.

Commercial Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement

Sometimes the damage to a rood is so extensive it needs to be replaced, but extreme damage isn’t the only reason to replace a roof. A number of factors need to be taken into accounting including the material of the roof, age of the roof, type of damage, and the climate of the area.

Roof Repair

Roof Repair

Often roofs will suffer minor damage from high winds, storms, or falling debris. When a roof is damaged, it must be repaired right away to prevent further damage to the structure including water and mold damage inside the building.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The pricing for new roofs depends primarily on the square footage of the roof surface, the type of material you choose (asphalt, metal, cedar shakes, tile, etc), and the complexity of your roof (dormers, steep angles, etc.) Because we've been installing new roofs in the Cypress, TX area for so many years, we have the experience and resources to help you decide on a quality roof solution that will suit your budget.

Each shingle brand provides a different guideline for how long they expect their shingles to last. A properly installed roof will generally last up to 15 years with regular maintenance and inspection, especially after severe weather events.

While there could be some initial cost-saving in laying new shingles over an old, aged roof, we generally don't recommend re-roofing. Old shingles also mean an old roof deck. By tearing off the old shingles, our licensed roofing contractor will then be able to spot any areas of instability or damage to the roof deck that may have been hidden by the shingles. We can replace any sections where there may be wood rot. Roof installation techniques and materials have also changed over the last couple of decades, and your old roof may not be up to code. "Re-roof" jobs may also not carry the same warranties as a full replacement.

When you decide it's time to consider a new roof, consider first your budget and your goals. Metal roofs tend to last longer than asphalt shingles, but they cost more upfront and may not "fit in" with the neighborhood. Asphalt shingles are an affordable option, but even in that arena, there are choices that will determine the overall aesthetic and potential lifespan of the roof. Consulting a roofing contractor to help you make these choices is best. They'll have the experience to help guide you towards the best result.

While it is very true that you can't just drape a tarp over a gap in the roof, tack down some nails and call it good enough, some form of fastener is required to secure the tarp while causing the least damage to the "healthy" areas of the roof. The owner of CORE by KHI Restoration is a preferred contractor with most insurance companies in Texas, though, and our method for securing the tarp is always accepted and appreciated by insurance companies. We wrap the edges of the tarp around boards to pull it taught and then carefully screw the board itself into the roof deck or the underside of the eaves.

Generally, we'll wait for a break in the rain before climbing onto a roof when the rain is still sheeting due to the safety risk. One of the best benefits to choosing CORE by KHI Restoration is that we live right here in Spring, so we'll be watching the weather along with you. Just give us a call, and together we'll determine the best time to tarp your roof.

Absolutely not, but you should. Temporary roof tarping is generally covered by your homeowner's insurance policy, but choosing multiple contractors for the same claim may delay the process. Insurance companies refer their clients to us all the time, though, because they trust us to get the job done right at a reasonable price. We can be on our way to tarp your roof, and we'll come back and meet with your insurance adjuster to discuss our recommendations for the repairs. One-stop-shopping!

Yes! We can arrange for tree removal prior to roof tarping. We'll coordinate the entire project for you.

They often go hand-in-hand, depending on the extent of the damage. If your roof deck was compromised by the impact of a heavy branch or tree, we'll install a plywood board over the gap before securing a tarp across the roof. Boardup is required whenever there is damage that reduces the structural integrity of your house until permanent repairs can be made. Roof tarping, on its own, is only meant to keep out rain or other weather from causing more damage. We'll know the best course of action when we get to your place for the free inspection.

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